YELLOW BOOK: My Second Technique Book


russian song through three octaves

three prepARATORY exercises (aka position etude with low 1)

shifting in three steps

marionette dances in 1st & 3rd positions

evening sunset at the lake (g major)

the great evening concert at the lake p. 17

shifting with all fingers

evening sunset at the lake (a major)

evening sunset at hte lake (b flat major)

two bell songs in third position

part 3: second position

marionette dances in second position

four bell songs in second position

three bell song variations

part 4: thre first three positions

climbing melody: scales in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd positions

climbing melody 2: arpeggios in 1st, 2nd, 3rd positions

climbing melody 3: scales in thirds

intonation exercise

part 5: harmonics or “flute tones”

a greeting from mozart

two young canaries

two young canaries

part 6: trills

seesaw and trill

second trip to china


ice skating fun

part 7: first vibrato exercise

the little ghost

italian pizza

hula – hoop

part 8: 2 octave arpeggios and scales

c major scales in 3 positions

d major scales

d minor scales

d major arpeggios

d minor arpeggios

part 9: first double stops

my first dance with double stops

old american folk song with variations