“Music education should start 9 months before the child is born.” -Suzuki

When is my child ready?

– Age 3 is the ideal age to begin violin, but child as young as 2 can start!
– parent and child are able to listen to music together
– follow 1 or 2 part instructions
– child and family loves music and is committed to learning


Will my child enjoy learning?

Early violin students use an interactive story book to learn violin and guess what? They LOVE it!
– Building confidence from the start through violin games


Is it worth it?

– Violin lessons improve literacy, memory, increase IQ up to 7 points & increase verbal intelligence
– It also improves fine motor skills and coordination
– Lessons help children manage anxiety as well as provide an emotional outlet
– Reinforces concepts learned in school: counting, ABCs, patterns, & reading.

– Anyone is able to learn because we learn like a language

Below is a student recital performance from our formal 2018 Spring Recital. Video on the right is a student, just turned 3, who is rehearsing Mrs. Twinkle for the recital.

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