Where should we buy a violin?
Shar Music 
(ask teacher to size the student first)Where should we buy rosin, sponge, cleaning cloth?
Poly pads seem to be one of the best options for young students. You may borrow one from the teacher (please return) or buy your own here>> 
Kun Shoulder rests are also another option. Make sure you get the right size!
Magic Rosin is a fun way to rosin!
Bella Rosins is the best rosin, I use this everyday!

How should I participate in the lessons?
Take notes/videos. Save questions for the end.
More on note taking here>>

What if my child doesn’t want to practice?
Most children do not want to eat their vegetable nor do they want to practice. It is best to work in small increments, reward them, and keep it as fun as possible.
Here are some resources:

What if it seems like my child isn’t progressing as fast as their peers?
If you are regularly coming to lessons, group classes, listening to your CD, having positive and productive practice at home, then keep doing what you are doing. You will get out what you put in! Bring your concerns to your teacher as well to see if there is something specific.

What is Music Mind Games?
Music Mind Games is the most fun way to learn note reading! Through these hundreds of games we can learn to count, read notes, rhythms, chords as well as sing on pitch with our Daily Do song.

Do we have to purchase a xylophone at home?
A xylophone is not required, but you can borrow one from the teacher’s lending library.
If you would like to buy one, you can purchase here>>
Here>> for $27.99
Also check up on amazon’s pricing.. (sometimes as low as $18.99)
misc. instruments for at home here>>

Do you recommend purchasing any other Music Mind Games materials for at home use?
Puppy Packet has a little bit of everything!
Rainbow Xylophone will get some good use from Pre-T —> Bk 1 and can also be used beyond in Music theory games
Rhythm Puzzle is a favorite for many!

Are there other resources for at home ear training?
Little Musicians is a great way to continue solfege learning and singing at home!


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