How can they learn and still have fun?

– Games, group classes, and positive lesson energy help kids to love playing!
– Children love having their parents in lessons.
– Music theory games are so fun, it will leave them wanting more!

What if my child is shy and doesn’t like performing?

– Regular casual performances give students the confidence for formal recitals!
– The first recital of the year is a party! 

What if I don’t play a music instrument?

– Online Practice Videos equip parents at home for practice.
– Each family receives a “practice box” which is more like treasure chest!
– Parents have the opportunity to learn about Suzuki & playing violin themselves! 
Below is a video of a 9 year old student who started violin in September 2017 and is playing at the Spring concert April 2018!



“The kids are having so much fun while they are learning!”

– Principal at local arts school

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