F. A. Q.

Where is Charlotte? 
Charlotte is the largest city in the state of North Carolina and the 17th largest city nation wide. It is home to roughly 800,000 individuals and 2.5 million people in the general Charlotte area. Residents are referred to as Charlotteans and it is also listed as a gamma plus city in the Globilization and World Cities Research Network.

Where does Mrs. Heather teach?
She teaches in her music room currently in her home which is near the Plaza Midwood, Shamrock, NoDa neighborhoods.

What is a typical violin lesson like?
Each Violin lesson is different and specially created for the individual person being taught! We learn how to hold the violin bow, hold the instrument, sing songs, become beautiful violinists and earn prizes! 

What if my child doesn’t want to practice?
This is the most common question! I don’t think it can be answered in a FAQs page, but if I had to say something, I would say that it needs to be addressed along the same lines as getting homework done! Violin practice is the same! Practicing and reviewing old pieces makes a big difference and also sets your child up for success in recitals.

What if I (as a parent) haven’t played an instrument before?
It doesn’t matter at all if you haven’t played an instrument before! Mrs. Heather’s parents were also not musicians! Parents also have the option to learn the violin in the parent class. Sometimes there are many parents in the class, and occasionally it may be your own private lesson!  Be sure to ask your teacher questions whenever you do have them! 

Will my child learn to read music?
Yes, either at the beginning of Suzuki book 1 or in the middle, we will learn to read music with a book on the RESOURCES page of this website.

Is Heather qualified to teach?
Yes! Please read ABOUT Heather. She has been teaching the Suzuki method formally years. She thinks anyone can learn the violin if they want to! There are no age limitations with violin playing. 

Anything not mentioned above?
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