fall bunny party

We started off the bunny party with butterflies on our bows while playing Mrs. Twinkle. 
Students shared their favorite pieces with each other. ANT Song, Zip Twinkle Zap Twinkle, Twinkle Little Baby Brother and more… 
(thank you parents for the pictures!)


​Playing Zip Twinkle, Zap Twinkle.. what a big sound this student has and amazing eyes on the bow! 

Everyone loves Ms. Kayla! She brings so much warmth and support to the studio as our Bunny Ballads- Book 1 pianist. Also helping with the summer camp & organization 🙂


These students worked so hard to finish their Bunny Ballads repetitions- over 700! 

Students each received a bunny water bottle & favor bag. 
A bunny party wouldn’t be complete without actual bunnies! 
3 fluffy bunnies… relatives of Peter the Great.