Photographer: Jessica Milligan
It started out as an ordinary cool fall morning, but what they didn’t know how much fun the bunny party would be! 
Students arrived and the teacher let them take their time to get ready because the power cord wasn’t working for the piano and speaker!
Siblings were excited to watch everyone play violin! 


​Teacher announces the recital with the details of how to be ready while the next person comes up to play! 

A brave student starts off the bunny songs!! Off to the Garden.. yay!
Students perform their favorite bunny songs for the parents!
Students have fun socializing with one another.. 🙂 
Brave students face their fears to play in front of everyone!
Congratulations!! We had 4 students graduate from the bunny book. A couple students came from a local music school & a couple students who just recently started violin at QCSV just graduated!!
We all finished by playing mrs. Twinkle together with our butterflies on our bows!!
A live rabbit, Mr. Charlie, came to visit us after our recital!! He was so soft!!
We played some bunny games… Carrot Toss! 
We also had bunny sac races!! 
Pin the tail on Mrs. Twinkle!!
Mrs. Twinkle baked yummy carrot cake cupcakes just like she did in the Bunny Book!
All in all, we had a great bunny party this year!! Great job everyone!!