Tom Sykes Rec Center was a great host for our 2 week summer camp! 
Located on the same campus of Dilworth Elementary in a historic Charlotte neighborhood.
We split up into two groups for weekly points earned from bow circle competitions, good behavior, and winning points from group games! 
We did some breathing exercises and put lavender oil on our wrists. Very relaxing! 
Then had a little yoga time! 
Yoga Monkey says….. “Namaste”
We had violin lessons each day. This was a silly exercise to see how long we could hold ducks on our instruments before they fell. 
Bow hold races were a favorite for the kids & they are always fun for the teacher who likes to trick with a false start 😉 “Ready, Set…. Go fish!!” 
We had different art projects each day! I love oil pastels. It was fun to listen to Tchaikovsky and draw with them.
Beautiful pictures with the oil pastels!! 
Musical ABC heart <3
Learning our beginning music theory with Music Mind Games materials!! 
Blue Jello with drumming sticks!! 
Some students sharing the bunnies they have already learned on their violins with the class during Bunny Ballads story time! 
Woo. playground time! 
After both teams happened to end the week in a tie with 80 points each, we got to celebrate with an ice cream party!! 
Mrs. Kayla was our volunteer for both weeks & we had a blast having her with us!!! 
Dress rehearsal for our concert for the parents! 
It was such a great two weeks & I thoroughly enjoyed introd
ucing all the kids to violin playing. Can’t wait for next year 😀

“When love is deep, much can be accomplished.” – Dr. Suzuki